Patty Toledo

Patty Toledo is the Head of Creative Community at Playsense, the powerhouse of digital creative
nomads focused on the entertainment industry. As a creative community, Playsense aims to break
out and change the world through meaningful actions and projects, leaving a mark in history. And
Patty is the driving force for the community’s culture and health.
Originally from Brazil, and now based in Ireland, Patty’s impressive career has spanned continents
and industries. Starting her career in the music industry, she connected with acclaimed artists such as
Iron Maiden, Metallica and Bon Jovi, before channelling her experience into wider entertainment for
over 30 years. Finding her calling in the games industry, Patty also works as Head of Content for conferences worldwide. Tireless, Patty is also an
Ambassador for Women in Games and a thought leader in the industry, supporting the community
and its development into a more humane and inclusive environment.
Previously an MMA fighter, Patty also speaks fluent English, German, and Spanish, with a good
knowledge of Finnish, Japanese, and Korean.
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