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July 21, 2022
game Contest + online lectures
Publish Me! Festival is an online event by mobile game publisher AppQuantum, in association with WN Media Group.

Our goal is to provide mobile game developers with a platform for showcasing new promising projects in the Casual, Idle, Tycoon and Merge genres, and find the best ones among them.

The Festival will allow developers and their games to gain exposure and valuable feedback from a jury of mobile gaming industry professionals. The top-scoring games will win monetary prizes to help them further develop and polish their games, along with an opportunity to secure a publishing deal with AppQuantum, additional marketing budget and free game development consulting.
Prizes for all participants
and grants for best games
+ $2,500,000 on marketing*

The 3 winning participants will receive monetary prizes to help with development of their games, along with a publishing deal offer. If the winners accept it, AppQuantum will allocate and use an additional marketing budget.

1st Place - $20,000 + $1,000,000 for marketing, if deal is signed
2nd Place - $15,000 + $750,000 for marketing, if deal is signed
3rd Place - $10,000 + $500,000 for marketing, if deal is signed
Honorable Mention - $5,000 + $250,000 for marketing, if deal is signed

Overall AppQuantum will allocate $50,000 for the prize pool, along with $2,500,000 allocated and spent by AppQuantum on marketing the games, if winners sign the publishing deal with AppQuantum. Developers will be able to use the funds as they see fit, but the monetary prizes are intended for further development of the game. On top of that, AppQuantum will be ready to provide game development consulting free of charge.

The participants will retain the rights to their IP.

By signing the publishing deal, winners will also be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Large-scale user acquisition with a positive ROI approach. Target countries include but are not limited to: USA, New Zealand, Australia, UK, EU. Main UA channels include but are not limited to: Facebook, Google, Unity, Applovin, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. New countries and channels may be added. In addition to AppQuantum's own marketing, agency resources and influencer marketing will also be utilized.
  • Creation of key art and playables. We have a large creative team and number of freelancers that allow us to create over 100 art per week. We also constantly research the market and monitor competitors, as well as look for new and unorthodox solutions.
  • Marketing and product analytics (to take the load off the development team). Our predictive analytics system is one of the best on the market, capable of providing ad campaign profitability information within 24 hours, which helps marketing adjust the purchasing strategy virtually on the fly. All the necessary data is gathered using AppsFlyer, analyzed and uploaded into Tableau. The developer will have full access to all dashboards.
  • ASO for all countries and platforms. Constant A/B testing of screenshots and icons, as well as keywords selection and description optimization.
  • Localization of the game, stores and creatives into all necessary languages. We have a large pool of partners to help with proofreading and checking so we can maximize the localization quality.
  • QA – testing the game on a wide range of devices with various technical characteristics.
  • Community management and support — building long-term relationships with players, listening to their ideas, answering their questions, solving their problems, etc.
  • AppStore and Google Play featuring assistance.
  • Ad mediation, including work with ad networks, waterfalls customization, along with constant testing, which will help increase eCPM.
  • Dedicated producer with the most relevant experience, who will work together with the development team. They will help customize the ad and in-app monetization, conduct A/B testing and analyze project stats, as well as serve as the link between devs and marketing. Based on the market research and analysis and deep dive into the product, the producer will suggest possible improvements for the games to increase the project KPIs.
  • Publishing the game on alternate stores such as Amazon, Huawei, Samsung store and others.
  • Publishing the game in China through one of our partners.
  • Publishing the game on AppQuantum's account worldwide.
  • The publishing deal is signed for 3 years and can be automatically extended on a year-by-year basis.
We accept any casual mobile games, at least at the playable prototype, alpha or beta stage, or ones released not earlier than September 1, 2021 and available for publishing deals if you are interested.

  • Elizaveta Khilkovskaya
    Producer, AppQuantum
  • Roman Goroshkin
    Director of External Affairs, MY.GAMES
  • Sergey Ryabtsev
    Producer, AppQuantum
  • Danila Kamenev
    Сo-founder, FatPony
  • Serge Himmelreich
    R&D Game Design Expert, Creative Mobile
  • Elena Bugakova
    Producer, AppQuantum
  • Sergei Belkov
    Lead Game Designer, iLogos Game Studios
  • Vladimir Agarev
    Creative Director, Tipping Point
  • Valentin Merzlikin
    Co-Founder, Neskin Games
  • Alina Zlotnik
    Producer, AppQuantum
  • Artyom Volkov
    Senior Game Designer, Ciliz
  • Eugen Sudak
    Head of Product, Delta Vision Games
  • Sergey Arapov
    Head of Game Design, CM Games
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